Call for papers

A graph signal is a signal in which relationships between its components follows the structure encoded in a weighted graph. The purpose of graph signal processing is to exploit this underlying structure to analyze and process graph signals. The last few years have seen significant progress in the development of theory, tools, and applications of graph signal processing. The Graph Signal Processing Workshop is a forum intended to disseminate ideas to a broader audience and to exchange ideas and experiences on the future path of this emerging field.

We accept abstract submissions in the theory and practice of graph signal processing.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Sampling and recovery of graph signals
  • Graph filter and filter bank design
  • Uncertainty principles and other fundamental limits
  • Graph signal transforms
  • Graph filter identification
  • Graph topology inference
  • Prediction and learning in graphs
  • Statistical graph signal processing
  • Signals in high-order graphs
  • Non-linear graph signal processing
  • Graph-based image and video processing
  • Applications to neuroscience and other medical fields
  • Applications to economics and social networks
  • Applications to infrastructure networks such as communication, transportation, power networks

In the spirit of reaching the broadest possible coverage we solicit submission of review and research presentations. Thus, if you have done work on Graph Signal Processing, we want to hear about it. Please consider a review presentation summarizing your past results. If you have some exciting new results, we would be delighted if you were to share it with us. Note that, in order to encourage participation and interaction, there will be no papers published as proceedings for this workshop, and so you can present recent work published in other venues.

We look forward to welcoming you to Pittsburgh to participate in what is sure to be a very stimulating workshop.

Important dates

Please keep the following important dates in mind:

Abstract submission deadline May 15
Early registration deadline April 15
Workshop May 31 – June 2, 2017